Shinsekai Yori { Please people… SPOILERS

Spoilers about the novel… stop with misunderstandings, and read carefully.

Shun… In the novel doesn’t say exactly how he died, but says he disappears… His death is not explained, but he will not return. NO RETURN.

Maria and Mamoru… assume that both are dead, it’s not explained how exactly, maybe, Maria dies while giving birth to her child, but nothing is explained with details… perhaps they explain better this in anime or manga. But in the novel there no details about their deaths. THEY WILL NOT RETURN TOO.

Shun x Satoru x Saki… When Saki has sex with Satoru, they will remember Shun … THEY NOT SEE THEY DOING SEX WITH SHUN… they only remember him. For fujoshis, who sees yaoi to everything that they read, thinks that Saki and Satoru, only see each other as substitutes for Shun and they don’t love each other. Saki loved Shun, Satoru loved Shun, but then ends up loving Saki that ends up loving Satoru. They will forget Shun? NO! You never forget a true love. You can even love someone else, but never forgets the people you loved in the past. Saki will never forget his beloved friend Maria and even Shun… The same will happen with Satoru. Saki and Satoru will love each other… they are not only substitutes and not only comfort each other. It’s all very complex in the Novel, and in reality this is not the main point, the story is not about couples, ships or whatever, but about that world. Of course, we love ships, but we must learn to separate things.

Maria and Mamoru’s son, is a BOY, not a girl… unless they change it in anime…

Please be careful with what you read and what you post … interpretations are not always the same and everything becomes a mess. And if you think that this all confusing, go and watch episode 4 again. 

This is my last post with spoilers about Shinsekai. Please don’t send me messages asking about it ok? Enjoy the anime and read the manga because in manga has more details :)

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