Shinsekai Yori { Spoilers

I receive many messages wondering about spoilers so read this if you just don’t care about spoilers… and if you want know who is the demon

… If they don’t change anything… Mamoru and Maria had a child. Maria died, she will not back, much less Mamoru, both are dead… but their child is well alive, he is the demon. He grows up and lives with non-humans and he will kill many people… that is why in one of the episodes, Saki wonders it would be better if Maria had died at birth, because of her actions, even without knowing, her child ends up killing several people cruelly. It makes you think that the preventive actions of the adults in the village were right, because children who had no control over their cantus end up as demons, and look what damage they do. Shun died, will not return and his death even felt by all of us was supposed to happen, or else he would become one of these creatures. We can also say that it was a punishment for humans… or not, everyone has their own point of view about it… and Yakomaru is a fucking bastard anyway :)

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