Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Edward Elric
I will never forget.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei… Finally the manga starts to go forward

Yes the manga was getting boring, I almost dropped this manga, I’m sorry, but all that teenage romance was annoying me. Mamura and Suzume looked like two 9 year olds… I read shoujo manga for years and cliche or not, there are few characters who are so stupid. Usually one side is stupid and the other is more active, which gives more confidence to the manga, but the two looked like two idiots all the time. The manga start to get better when, finally, the third character in the triangle appeared, since he was practically gone.

Both male characters are imperfect… I get sick seeing these fangirls putting Mamura on an altar.  He went after a girl who is heartbroken and vulnerable, and took advantage of it to get the girl = selfishly guy… I also get irritated with Sensei, He broke up with her and when she’s trying to move on, he can’t deal with it = selfishly guy. Suzume, too, she used another person to forget the old love = selfishly girl… Yes… Nobody is perfect in this manga.

But I really happy that now Sensei is back. Now the manga starts walking and things will start to get interesting.

//  W H A T  C O U L D  I  P O S S I B L Y  S A Y  N O W … ?