Half the world might have already posted this video, but who cares? 

Now that I hear the song better, I need to say, I really like this song, but… I need to say something … Taka, you don’t need autotune, your voice is perfect and wonderful and beautiful… 

His voice disappears behind the music sometimes. I think that this music would also sound better with less effects.

What if Shishio got snapchat and just sent terrible puns
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Mighty Long Fall~ One Ok Rock (Full) [ Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno and Legend’s End Ost ]

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[ My video edit ^^]

Mighty Long Fall

I hate ONE OK ROCK… because they make these songs that I can’t stop listening… Mighty Long Fall is so perfect… you f.. bastards! I love you guys… I should be acting like a responsible adult now… I should not be listening to these songs anymore… but… tsc…